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Hi, my name is LADIES-LUVIN LAMBRINOS and I'm a 41 year-old male from Boston, MA.
I am 6' 2". I would consider my body type to be heavy.
I do not consider myself religious.

I am a high school graduate. My Occupation: Pimp. My annual income is over $100,000.

Personal Statement:

What up fools. I'm a half-Greek from MD who just moved to Beantown. I pimp it up here in a phat Escalade on some tight 20s with a Playstation 2 in the back of the joint. These Beantown ladies be givin me mad luv. But anyway, my pops is from the beautiful island of Zakynthos, and I was born there too. We gots a phat goat farm over there, with mad olive trees. My pops makes the dopest wine on the island, and he serves that joint in his restaurant "Spiro's House of Lamb and Luv." When I kick it over there I be sellin mad crack rock and chronic to all the drunken British tourists. Those fools luvs ta get high, and I luvs ta help em out, long as they always gots my money. I also DJ at some clubs on the island, spin mad flava yo. Recognize the realness, sucka. Yo, I been noticing some fools on this site jockin my styl-o. Don't front, suckas, cuz there is only one true greek PIMP and it is me, L to the A to the M to the B. Y'all fools can't be me, and don't try an hate on me neitha. Ya can't feel this flava.

The kind of person I'm looking for on DCGreeks.com:

I luvs the Greek ladies, and I'm always lookin for mo fly honies to get nasty wit, cuz ain't no one girl can handle me alone. If you's a tight Greek chick and don't front, hit me up and we'll hook it up propa. Ella topa, kouritsia.

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