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Seeking Hellenic Organizations to Cosponsor
Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2018

August 27, 2018

Are you a member of a Hellenic Organization that serves the needs of Greek-American Young Adults or a Hellenic Organization that is looking to increase its exposure amongst this key 21+ young adult demographic? 

If the answer to this question is yes, DCGreeks.com invites you to cosponsor Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2018.  Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2018 is a four-day Greek social weekend taking place in Washington, DC from Thursday, November 1st to the afternoon of Sunday, November 4th, which will feature a welcome Happy Hour, a Greek Night at a club in downtown Washington, DC, and a semiformal late night bouzoukia featuring live Greek music and DJs, and a Sunday afternoon social event.  The Renaissance Washington, DC Dupont Circle Hotel, located near Foggy Bottom, will serve as the official hotel for the weekend offering a special $119 per night room rate for each of the nights in the weekend.  All events will be 21 and over and will be affordably priced to allow Greek-American college and graduate students to attend while still being able to provide a quality event that young professionals have come to expect from DCGreeks.com

We are currently reaching out to as many Greek-American organizations as possible to join as a no-risk sponsor of Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2018.  Sponsorship allows an organization to be named as a cosponsor of the event and provides the organization an opportunity to expose itself and its mission to thousands of Greek-American young adults – some who are members or former members of the organization and many potential members as well – both in person at Pan-Hellenism Weekend and in the weeks leading up to and following the event on DCGreeks.com.   It also allows the organization to host its own “break-out” events during the ample amounts of free time that the schedule offers outside of the four anchor social events.  Depending on the organization, these events can be used as a gathering of its members and alumni and as an invitation to prospective members to find out about the organization or simply as a mixer to host an event with many more people than that organization would be able to host on its own.  To help in this effort, DCGreeks.com will be donating 50% of the profits of Pan-Hellenism Weekend to cosponsoring organizations; the amount of the donation will be based on the percentage of the gross dollar amount of all registration packages designated to each individual cosponsoring organization, so the more registrants which designate an organization to receive credit for their purchase, the higher the donation to that specific group.  All we ask in return is to help promote Pan-Hellenism Weekend to as many Greek-American young adults as possible by promoting it on the organization’s website, email lists, Facebook pages and other online outlets.  Not only will this ensure that an organization maximizes the donation it will receive, but it will ensure that as many young adults as possible find out about and attend Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2018

What type of organizations could benefit from cosponsoring Pan-Hellenism Weekend?

  1. National Organizations looking to expand their membership but who haven’t been able to attract 900+ Greek-American young adults to their events.
  2. College Hellenic Societies who could use the event to cheaply host a great party for its current and prospective college-aged members, and could use the event as a reunion weekend for its young alumni, in a way that couldn’t happen back on campus.
  3. Any small organization looking to offer its members the chance to be involved in a great social weekend that wouldn’t be able to do it on its own based on the simple economies of scale involved in hosting an event.

The beauty of Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2018 from an organization’s perspective is that they get to co-host a great, well-attended Greek event, with minimal effort and no financial risk on the part of the organization.  It’s not easy for most Hellenic Organizations to host an event that their own members and young adults from across the country would want to attend.  Greek bands and DJs aren’t cheap, and neither are venues that would allow an organization to host a good Greek party.  Hotels won’t give out great rates to just anyone without the expectation of booking large blocks of rooms.  Finally with the amount of competition out there for the typical Greek-American Young Adult’s entertainment and travel dollar, you can’t get a Greek-American to fly or drive into town for the weekend unless you are offering more than just one night’s worth of entertainment.  The irony is that the few Hellenic organizations that have the resources to host such an event on their own are typically the ones who for any number of reasons have the hardest time attracting young adults to their events.  Pan-Hellenism Weekend is the great equalizer for any and all Greek-American organizations.  It allows even the smallest organization to offer its members access to a string of great Greek events with hundreds of their fellow Greek-American young adults from across the country, while allowing the more established Greek-American organizations to be a part of an event where Greek-American young adults will be at regardless.  From our perspective we are just looking to host a great event that is both diverse and inclusive that will allow hundreds of Greek-American young adults from all over the country to meet and interact in a relaxed setting, will allow Greek-American organizations that cater to young adults to continue to promote their mission, attract new members, and even learn from each other. 

For more information on how your organization can become a no-risk sponsor of Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2018 and all the benefits of such sponsorship, please click here and provide us your name and organization's name, and we will contact you directly.

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