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Enjoy complimentary mezedakia catered by some of DC's best Greek restaurants at MezeMania - The Saturday Afternoon Happy Hour on the Rooftop of Decades on 11/4/23 at 3:30 PM, part of DCGreeks.com Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2023.
Join hundreds of Greeks from all over the US for DCGreeks.com's Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2023 Saturday Late Night Bouzoukia with Apollonia on 11/4/23 at Penn Social!
VSK Entertainment, Utopia DC, and Golden Records Present a Special Greek Night at Living Room on Saturday, September 30, 2023 Featuring a Live Performance by Hot New Recording Artist Direct from Greece, ASPA! Discounted Advance Purchase tickets are available at DCGreeks.com!
Join Greeks from over two dozen states (maybe more) for the DCGreeks.com PHW 2023 Friday Greek Night at Public Bar Live in Washington, DC on November 3, 2023!
What's New @ DCGreeks.com
Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2023 tickets are now on sale! Purchase Discounted Packages or Single Event Ticket with the same streamlined

Guests who purchase the PHW 2023 Friday-Saturday Package on or before 10/31/23 will be automatically entered into three drawings for complimentary PHW Friday-Saturday Packages (processed as refunds) and up to four drawings for complimentary nights in our hotel block, with one free hotel night raffled off for every 50 room nights booked in our block!  The earlier you purchase, the more chances you have to win, with the number of chances decreasing exponentially starting 9/16/23!
09/10Tickets are now on sale for The Cretan Association of Greater Washington DC Fall 2023 Dinner Dance on Saturday 10/21/23 at St. Katherine's in Falls Church, VA!
SAVE THE DATE! DCGreeks.com Presents Pan-Hellenism Weekend 2023, November 2-5, 2023 in Washington, DC! DETAILS COMING SOON!
08/11New Event: Thanos Petrelis Returns to Baltimore on 10/13/23 at Martin's Valley Mansion in Cockeysville, MD
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Please join us on Friday, October 6, 2023 for Kellari Taverna's Monthly Greek Night for a fun evening of authentic Greek music, food and dancing with live Greek music by Apollonia starting at 9:00 PM! Click here for details!

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Streaming Videos
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Glykeria & Kostas Karafotis Live in Washington, DC
Sheraton Premiere, Tysons Corner, VA
Presented by Asteria Productions
Title Time (mm:ss)
Kostas Karafotis' Opening Number 4:48
Kostas Karafotis 3:49
Kostas Karafotis 3:34
Kostas Karafotis 6:32
Kostas Karafotis 4:08
Kostas Karafotis 2:27
Kostas Karafotis 3:46
Kostas Karafotis 2:50
Glykeria's Opening Number 3:21
Glykeria 3:41
Glykeria 2:59
Glykeria 4:40
Glykeria 3:49
Glykeria 3:11
Glykeria 4:08
Glykeria 3:22
Glykeria 5:26
Glykeria 3:32
Glykeria 3:06
Glykeria 4:02

Lefteris Pantazis and Efi Thodi Live in Washington, DC
St. Katherine's Greek Orthodox Church Hall, Falls Church, VA
Presented by Asteria Productions
in association with St. Katherine's Greek Orthodox Church
Title Time (mm:ss)
Dionysis (from Fame Story 4) Opening Number 3:00
Dionysis (from Fame Story 4) 6:42
Elizabeth 3:10
Elizabeth 5:45
Elizabeth 2:22
Musical Interlude 2:43
Lefteris Pantazis sings "To Oreotero Plasma" 3:14
Lefteris Pantazis' welcoming remarks 1:33
Lefteris Pantazis 3:14
Lefteris Pantazis 2:28
Lefteris Pantazis 2:47
Lefteris Pantazis closes his first set 4:54
Efi Thodi 5:50
Efi Thodi 3:27
Efi Thodi 5:05
Efi Thodi 3:27
Efi Thodi 2:58
Efi Thodi 5:14
Efi Thodi 4:55
Lefteris Pantazis 5:14
Lefteris Pantazis 4:25
Lefteris Pantazis 4:07
Lefteris Pantazis 3:15
Lefteris Pantazis 3:36

Aggelos, Stelios, and Diamandis Dionisiou Live in Washington, DC
St. Katherine's Greek Orthodox Church Hall, Falls Church, VA
Presented by Asteria Productions and Greek Concert Promotions
in association with St. Katherine's Greek Orthodox Church
Title Time (mm:ss)
Diamandis Dionisiou and Natalie Mavroyiannis' Opening Duet 3:03
Natalie Mavroyiannis' Opening Number 2:20
Natalie Mavroyannis 3:29
Diamandis Dionisiou's Opening Number 4:16
Diamandis Dionisiou and Natalie Mavroyiannis Duet 3:46
Diamandis Dionisiou 3:42
Stelios Dionisiou's Opening Number 2:43
Stelios Dionisiou 3:43
Aggelos Dionisiou's Opening Number 2:26
Aggelos Dionisiou 4:07
Aggelos Dionisiou 3:52
Dionisiou Brothers Medley 3:24

Vasilis Karras with Eirini Merkouri & Kostas Karafotis Live in Washington, DC
Sheraton Premiere Tysons Corner, VA
Presented by Asteria Productions and Greek Concert Promotions
Title Time (mm:ss)
Kostas Karafotis 3:54
Kostas Karafotis 4:17
Eirini Merkouri 2:51
Eirini Merkouri 5:24
Eirini Merkouri 4:55
Eirini Merkouri 6.04
Vasilis Karras 2:57
Vasilis Karras 2:13
Vasilis Karras 3:18
Vasilis Karras 2:00
Kostas Karafotis (Crowd Cam) 2:31
Eirini Merkouri (Balcony Cam) 2:51

Non-Streaming Videos

For Best Results, Open in Windows Media Player (not in the browser) or right-click on the link and Save as... to your local hard drive.

Glykeria, Yerasimos Andreatos, and Haralambos Garganourakis Live in Washington, DC 03/19/2006
Title Format Time (mm:ss) Size
Glykeria's Opening Number Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 3:55

18.9 MB

Glykeria, Andreatos, and Garganourakis Opening Trio Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 5:31

28.0 MB

Haralambos Garganourakis' Opening Number Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 4:47

24.2 MB

Haralambos Garganourakis Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 3:31

17.3 MB

Yerasimos Andreatos Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 6:10

30.8 MB

Glykeria performs a song from her new album. Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 3:13

16.1 MB

Glykeria performs a classic Zeimpekiko. Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 6:39

33.7 MB


Eirini Mercouri and Sarmbel Live in Clearwater, FL 05/28/2005
Title Format Time (mm:ss) Size
Eirini Mercouri Performs "Pou Na Fantasto" Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 4:04

6.59 MB


Laconian Society of Washington, DC Area's 68th Annual Dance 11/28/2003
Title Format Time (mm:ss) Size
Line Dancing Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 3:12

7.14 MB

Zephyros Performs "Zilevo" Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 2:01

4.52 MB

Zephyros Performs "Tha Ta Kapso, Ta Rimadia, Ta Lefta Mou" Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 3:27 7.63 MB


10th Annual YAL Washington, DC Weekend 11/08/2003
Title Format Time (mm:ss) Size
Andrea Liacouras Discusses YAL DC Weekend Windows Media 9 (.wmv)


3.45 MB

Young People from PA Discuss Why They Came to YAL DC Weekend Windows Media 9 (.wmv)


4.55 MB

Semi-Formal: Line Dancing Footage Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 1:53 4.08 MB
Semi-Formal:  Line Dancing Footage at the End of the Night  Windows Media 9 (.wmv) 1:37 3.53 MB