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I expressly acknowledge that I am holding harmless the organizers of YAL DC Weekend 2008 (including but not limited to the DC/MD/VA YAL Committee "YAL DC Weekend"), their respective churches, their employees and agents, and DCGreeks.com, LLC, its employees, managers, owners and agents, and all their collective officers, directors, contractors, agents, employees, and volunteers, without regard to any negligence on their part, against any claim for injuries, damages, compensation or otherwise, including all losses and expenses, caused by or to me in registering for or participating in YAL DC Weekend 2008.  I voluntarily assume the risk of injury, accident, death, loss, cost or damage to my person or property that might arise from my registration for and/or participation in YAL DC Weekend 2008 or any related events.  My refusal to agree to the terms of this waiver will result in my exclusion from all events and my registration fees being refused or refunded.  I understand that my registration will not be accepted without this acknowledgement.



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