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Member ID:   Maria the Greek

Hi, my name is Maria the Greek and I'm a 64 year-old female from Toronto Ontario, GR. I am looking for friendship with both men and women.
I am 5' 3". I have blonde hair and I have brown eyes. I would consider my body type to be average.
I don't smoke and I drink in social settings.
I am a Greek Orthodox Christian. I sometimes attend church.

I have a Bachelor's Degree. My Occupation: Teacher.

Personal Statement:

I'm a Canadian by citizenship but a Greek at heart! Born and raised in Greece, living for the past 30 years in Toronto - Canada. I feel blessed and very fortunate being a Greek; I love my Greek roots, my Greek language, my Greek history, my homeland, the place of light and unique beauty! Teacher by profession, I have devoted the best part of my life teaching Greek Language, involved in many Greek cultural organazations, doing my part in maintaining and passing the Greek culture and language to the new generation living outside Hellas! I have visited Virginia state last March and I would love to get in touch with Greeks living in DC. I'm a friendly, honest and pleasant woman; some friends call me "maria the Greek" becuse of my love and passion for my Greek culture. I love the arts, nature and I'm always open for new experiences and knowlegde.

The kind of person I'm looking for on DCGreeks.com:

I have been introduced to this DCGreeks site by a friend in Argentina...what a smalll world...I would love to meet, chat, connect with someone who is true to himself/herself, educated, has love and passion for everything that is Hellenic and love for music and nature. I just said that I'm seeking Friendship...I believe friendship is the foundation of a good relationship that might include all kind of elements of the human connection and might expand to more and higher levels...Let's explore the possible possibiliies...

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