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Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse Invites You to Experience Psychic Comedian, PETER ANTONIOU, on Thursday 6/27/24 at 7:00 PM in Arlington, VA. Tickets are now on sale! Click here for details!
Member ID:   Stevis

Hi, my name is Stevis and I'm a 50 year-old first-generation Greek-American male from Stafford, VA.
I am 5' 10". I have brown hair and I have brown eyes. I would consider my body type to be heavy.
I don't smoke and I drink in social settings.
I attend church regularly.

I have a Bachelor's Degree. My Occupation: Systems Engineer.

Personal Statement:

I am 29 years old and recently married to my beautiful wife who is non-Greek but awesome in my eyes. We own a house with our 2 dogs, 3 cats , 1 bird, and 3 fish. It is our own little Noah's Ark. My father was born in Volos so we go to Greece when we can. I'm learning to speak Greek now with a friend of mine, but we only know bad words. I like custom cars/trucks, video games, swimming, and computers. I also like tattoos (I have 8) of which 3 of them are greek related and 3 others are to symbolize my greek pride. We have watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 5 times; the old man on there reminds me of my father and the other stuff is so funny. Although I grew up Greek Orthodox at St. Katherines and once in awhile attended St. Sophia's , I attend a Lutheran church now and am very happy there.

The kind of person I'm looking for on DCGreeks.com:

I'd like to meet more greeks so that I may retain my culture and expand the friendships.

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