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Member ID:   Themistocles

Hi, my name is Themistocles and I'm a first-generation Greek-American male from Arlington, VA. I am looking for friendship with both men and women.
I am 6' 2".
I don't smoke and I drink in social settings.
I am a Greek Orthodox Christian. I attend church regularly.

I have a Bachelor's Degree. My Occupation: Technology Development Manager.

Personal Statement:

My name is Themistocles and I am one of The Guys @ DCGreeks.com. While I enjoy my work on this website, I spend my weekends playing basketball and going out in DC and Arlington with my friends. While other proprietors of social networking sites are concerned with getting page views and click-throughs and how sticky their site is, I've always thought of DCGreeks.com as a tool to allow you to easily find out what's going on and to find like-minded people who want to join you, so you get out of your house and experience life in real-time. To that end, I've gotten involved in helping to organize a lot of events both locally and regionally. I also enjoy digital photography taking full advantage of the scenic parts of DC and the surrounding areas. I've taken hundreds of photos in Greece at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics and during my last trip there in 2008 that I'll post on the site one of these days -- if the Greek scene ever slows down, that is. :-)


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